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Please submit free of charge and without obligation your offer for clamp fittings/tensioning chains as specified below.


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Techn. data

Pipe outer diam. D12 = mm
Medium pressure pM = bar max.
Medium temp. TM = to C
Ambient temp. TU = to C
Axial force FAx = N max.
Radial force FRad = N max.
Lever arm L = mm
Turning moment Md = Nm max.
Safety factor f = times
mainly dead load rising/changing load/pressure pulsation
Material of chain plastic
precious steel
Lock of chain eye-bolt with nut eye-bolt with nut and hand wheel cap
Conical flanges Customer parts - flange outside dimension as per enclosed sketch has to be maintained
Customer parts - flange outside dim. in accordance with data from chain manufact.
flange material
additional offer - pipe connecting dimension (welding seam) and flange material in accordance with enclosed sketch
Seal: not required
customer part - mounting space in acc. with enclosed sketch
additional offer
required sealing force N/mm sealing length
Requirement pcs. now
pcs. per year
pcs. in total
Dates/deadlines Offer is required until
Parts are required until
Security reference,
Required licences,
documents, certificates